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The prototype is now available.

The actual system will control the behavior of an autonomous robot.

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General architecture of the system

Architecture of the system

The system builds inline a representation of the state of the robot from the data of the sensors (its environment, its internal state according to the its organizational memory and its current emotion...). From this representation, the system drives the behavior of the robot via the actuators.

The system loop

The image above describes the system loop:

• Input of the system (sensor data: video, sound...)

• Mental card building, agent co-activity

• Analysis, semantic interpretation of the mental card

• Decision making, orders sent to robot.

This is achieved under the multi-agent paradigm.

The representation is not a static picture, it is like a movie which is generated by an number of active elements, which we call agents: this is the transposition of a mental map.
System loop

The system prototype is developped in Oz/Mozart. The system is distributed on several Oz/Mozart virtual machines.


Currently we are working with a ERS-7 Aibo™ robot by Sony.

Sony Aibo robot