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Here, new results with the last version of the prototype which is an Auto-Adaptive System (AAS) to control robots with mental states, learning and emotional alterations. It is this platform which will allow us to move towards the Artificial Consciousness, the fundamental aim of this project.


• Sensors and effectors dynamic creation.

• Ontology distribution in a multi-agent system.

• Memory pattern (acquaintance between agent).

• Data processing in real time.

• Role modification in real time.

• Acquaintance modification in real time.

• Agent emergence with sensors value in input.

• Morphology analyze.

• Focal point at a time t.

• System control with goals.

• Sensors modification dynamically.

• Management of several brain simultaneously.

• Mental State alteration with emotions.

• Neural network API: simple forms recognition.

• Internal morphology on acquaintances in each role.

In progress:

• Goals generation.

• Mirror process: representation of the representation.

• Incubator system to increase learning (a brain is valid for a multitude of robots).

• Dynamic learning with an ontology update.

• Agent distribution on a LAN.

Systematic loop