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New feature in the Generic Auto-Adaptive System

Each role in the system can explore the morphology of all acquaintance. This feature allows to make a focus on a specific unit of knowledge or a group at a global level. When the system evolves in an unknown environment, it can use this feature to detect an unknown object and focus on this object. The "Results" section is updated.

New accepted paper (invited speaker)

The invited paper titled "Knowledge Extraction from Web Pages with an Auto-Adaptive System" has been accepted for publication in the WSEAS Transactions. This paper is also accepted for presentation and publication in the CSCC -EE- 2008, Conference: SYSTEMS'08, in Greece.

New advanced on the AAS

The Auto-Adaptive System has, now, a neural network API to recognize simple forms in an environment to associate forms with existing units of knowledge.

New accepted paper (invited)

The invited paper titled "Emotions generation and Knowledge Organization in an Auto-Adaptative System using Shape and Color Recognition" has been accepted to the conference ACACOS'08 in China. This paper is also accepted for WSEAS Transactions and NAUN journal, a springer verlag volume.

New accepted paper

The paper titled "Knowledge Organization with Pattern Recognition in an auto-adaptative system" has been accepted to the conference AIKED'08 at the University of Cambridge (UK).

Mickaël Camus in "L'Expansion"

Mickaël Camus appears in "L'Expansion", a French business and information magazine, to present the Artificial Consciousness Project.

New Experiment

Page experiments is updated. A new experiment on a parameters modification in real-time.

Mickaël Camus in Veille Magazine

Mickaël appears in Veille Magazine and introduces the Artificial Consciousness Project.

Alain Cardon on Futura-Sciences

Alain Cardon explains the artificial consciousness project on the Futura-Sciences website (in French).

New Experiment

Page experiments is updated. A new experiment on a brain fusion.