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Experiments are based on the behavior of the system. We observe the emergent knowledge (simple knowledge or variables with specific type and value) according to the goals. This observation allows us to know if the system is directed towards the programmed goals. To observe the system behavior, we have developed a graphical user interface describing the different links between variables of the system. We use a test platform with Aibo ERS7 by Sony for the robotic domain to process different specifics scenario.

Experiment One

Domain: robotic

Title: pathology

Goal: parameters modification in real-time

Experiment Two

Domain: code generation

Title: web design

Goal: to generate an HTML page

Experiment Three

Domain: robotic

Title: brain fusion

Goal: to play with ball or bone

Experiment Four

Domain: robotic

Title: emotional process

Goal: to play with ball or bone

Experiment Five

Domain: robotic

Title: emergent activity

Goal: to have satisfaction